Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Aura Battler Dunbine

This is a special robot for me, in my collection. This piece is called Dunbine (from the 1983 anime of the same name) and has an awesome design that holds up well against any mech made in the past 25 years. There is a good bit of mobility for a toy made in the early 80s, unfortunately there is some looseness in this one. He stands well and can hold a few poses but trying to set up more dynamic poses results in a pile of robot parts. I have had this toy since the early/mid 80's.

The wings are one of my favorite features with this guy, they fold down and are covered with the thruster pack as seen in the pic below. A robot with wings like this always seemed so original to me. The cockpit clips off and there is a pilot in the chest (you can see him in the pic above) also there is a free standing pilot and sword (not pictured). Located just above the hands are a set of claws that can be removed.

I chose this 3/4 rear shot instead of a straight shot to show the profile of the head and the details of the thruster pack. Also I think this was one of the more dynamic shots I took, He is holding the sword in this one (but you can barely see it) and it looks like some robot ass kicking is about to begin when he turns around! I tried to find out specific info on this toy but found nothing exactly like this, I do think it was made by Clover (Japan) but it might be a 2nd release made after Clover went under and sold their mold. The original Dunbine from the anime is a purple color, but I love the black one I have. If you have any info on this guy let me know.

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unit-1978 said...

oh snap!!! those look awsome man. I really love the back pose also. Dunbine is an awsome bot, love those feet!!