Monday, June 23, 2008

SD (Super Deformed) Ingram "Alphonse"

Here we have a toy from Patlabor, which has some of the best mecha designs of the 90s. This one in particular, the Ingram is a great design although to really appreciate the realistic style of the mechs from this series you should see the regular versions. The SD version here is basically a Japanese thing where they shrink and morph a design to make it look cute or funny. This SD Ingram still looks detailed and ready for combat, even with his diminutive size. There are a variety of weapons he comes with including the shot gun in the picture above. In the anime series the most common weapon used is a revolver, and there is also an electric stun baton.

The best feature of this toy is the electric lights and sound. Each button on the back activates the lights and a different siren sound. Another cool play feature is the opening leg compartment where you can put the revolver, although the gun doesn't completely fit in like it would on a regular size toy. I would normally not buy an SD toy but this one was too cool to pass up. I bought it in Little Tokyo, LA at a long since closed toy store called Pony Toy Go Round. Man I wish there was a store like that around me, but that's what the internet is for now.


UNIT-1978 said...

very awsome sir...the site is coming along well.I like the avatar as well. What manga is that.

Jamspeed said...

Thanks, The manga is from Battle Angel. Actually it is part of a side story to the main manga series. The character is called Den
and he is a huge samuri robot.