Monday, June 23, 2008

SD (Super Deformed) Ingram "Alphonse"

Here we have a toy from Patlabor, which has some of the best mecha designs of the 90s. This one in particular, the Ingram is a great design although to really appreciate the realistic style of the mechs from this series you should see the regular versions. The SD version here is basically a Japanese thing where they shrink and morph a design to make it look cute or funny. This SD Ingram still looks detailed and ready for combat, even with his diminutive size. There are a variety of weapons he comes with including the shot gun in the picture above. In the anime series the most common weapon used is a revolver, and there is also an electric stun baton.

The best feature of this toy is the electric lights and sound. Each button on the back activates the lights and a different siren sound. Another cool play feature is the opening leg compartment where you can put the revolver, although the gun doesn't completely fit in like it would on a regular size toy. I would normally not buy an SD toy but this one was too cool to pass up. I bought it in Little Tokyo, LA at a long since closed toy store called Pony Toy Go Round. Man I wish there was a store like that around me, but that's what the internet is for now.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Takara calculator watch/robot

Takara Calculator Robot

Here is a real treasure from my childhood, I can remember having to go somewhere boring with my parents and always having this little guy on my arm to play with . Yea, I used to rock this watch, it was the 80's after all! There is a simple transform with just flipping the legs and then arms back, and then it simply clips into the watchband base.

He was a lot of fun to play with and has good articulation for a toy made in the early 80's, He has held up well over the years. Even the chrome like paint still looks good. I'm sure my parents got it for it's math ability (I have always sucked at math) but for me this was a great toy. Unfortunately he has become my first toy blog casualty, After the shoot while transforming him
back to watch mode a leg snapped off :( !!!!! I think I can glue the leg on but for now Takara Calculator Robot rests safley bagged and stored within the multitude of other bots in my trunk.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

80's Robotech and other coolness

Vintage Robotech M.A.C. II Monster "Destroid"

This is part diecast and sold under the matchbox line in the USA
(originally made by Tankatoku Toys in 1983, click the link for the original). This is one of my favorites with all the cool weaponry and good bit of detail, what's not to love about a huge walking cannon!

Vintage Robotech Destroids left to right they are the Defender, Tomahawk and Phalanx ( Matchbox versions )

These are similar to the big guy above in construction. I love these little guys, Good details and stickers that hold up well. The Tomahawk is one of my all time favorite mech designs, the perfect combination of weapons and mobility on the ground.

This last Mech is a "Dual Model" Dougram from
the tv anime "Fang of the Sun Dougram"

It is 1:48 scale and has a zinc-diecast endoskeleton with plastic armor and weapons that snap on. There is also a kind of shock absorber built into each lower leg. This looks like new ( as he was never played with ) and I still have the decal/sticker sheet and instructions too!