Friday, July 25, 2008

Transformers "Animated" Optimus Prime

Here we have a new toy, my newest Transformer from the latest animated cartoon. I have yet to see the new cartoon and I don't think it's really something I could get into myself, but a new toy of Optimus Prime is always cool. This design still holds true to the original Prime, and I really like the style of it. Over all the "Animated" toys are not for me, and many of them look cheap, but I have to say the articulation is great ( at least with this one ) and the robot mode looks cool.

There is little detail with him, but the clean simple style looks good, and I really like the muscular upper body he has. The transform is fun and lends itself to giving Prime all the articulation he has. The shoulders move up and down in addition to the arms having free 180 rotation, this allows him to hold the axe with both hands over his head. Cheap but effective ball joints give movement at the elbow and leg/hip areas which really adds to the poseablilty of this guy. The head has "light pipe" eyes which is a feature I love with many newer Transformers, and the translucent front chest, axe and sheild are nice touches. Over all for a 10$ figure this Prime is a worthy addition to any robot collection. There is another animated style Optimus Prime that is the next step up from this and looks to be far nicer than this one, I will be picking him up soon!

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unit-1978 said...

wow he does look pretty good. Good shots man.