Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Eva-01 " The Hard Core Mode"

Welcome to your weekly dose of toy coolness! This figure is really more of a statue than toy, as it has limited articulation with only the arms and hands having some posability. It was sculpted by Shinobu Matsumura, painted by Artasylum, and is a Kaiyodo/Xebec release from 1997? First I have to say it was a blast shooting the pics for this one (so there are a lot of pics here) and I felt a creative process happening after I had taken the first 20-30 pics. The first 2 images here are from that first round of "clinical" front, side and back shots.

The figure's body is nicely sculpted plastic, as are the spare hands and head, but there are several nice metal parts included. These parts were the blades on the fore arms and below the knee, the removable chest piece and the knife. Artasylum did an awesome job with the paint details, even putting great detail in the back on the chest armor which is only seen when you remove the part for storage. Over all the paint has a nice metallic sheen, fitting for a great design like the Eva. The display base of a defeated "angel" is reminiscent of a early part of the Neon Genesis Evangelion series. If you have never seen the complete series I highly recommend it, it's one of the greatist anime out there. This figure captures the power and rage of the Eva just as it faces defeat, when it's true power is revealed.

Below are some of my favorite shots while I was having fun changing light conditions and posing. One of my favorite things with this figure is how they captured the utter coolness of the Eva's head, with the mouth and teeth you can almost hear it roaring! Enjoy the pics below!


unit-1978 said...

wow sir, those are all great shots. Fantastic!!

Jamspeed said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Great photos! Specially the last three. Do you mind if I link my toy description to your page? I think your photos are way better than mine. Thanks!