Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Autobot Optimus Prime

Vintage G1 Optimus Prime

It was sometime around 1984, a boy is given a Sears "Wishbook" to circle what he wants for Christmas. Within those pages was the mighty Optimus Prime you see in these pictures. Few toys are as memorable as this guy, even though its almost too stereotypical to like the leader the best and I usually like the lesser know characters better, I have to say I love this toy. As I see him now this is still a great figure, well proportioned with great articulation for the time. His construction of metal and chrome are sorrily missed today.

I'm just going to let the pictures speak for themselves, this is such a great toy.

Prime's alt mode is a 1970s Freightliner FL86 Cab-over-Engine triple-axle semi trailer truck.

Optimus Prime was part of Takara's 1983 Diaclone toy line under the name "Battle Convoy." He was designed by Hiroyuki Obara and Shoji Kawamori (famous for his work in Macross)

There's a lot of play value here with the opened trailer, makes me wish I had a few micro men.

I was very excited to purchase my first 3rd party Transformer set, and it only made sense to get something like this to upgrade my Prime. This set is only 20$, and a great deal!

I think the Energy axe is a great addition to the set, it is a well made piece with good detail.

Above we have the matrix installed in the chest with the custom adapter and the new hands are also in place.

Darkest hour... LIT!

Finally the set comes with an upgraded ion blaster, it looks good but the mold on mine could have used some refinement. Again over all the BTS 03 kit is a great deal, especially for people who are missing the parts to their G1 Prime.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Star Wars Bounty Hunters

Here we have the complete set of bounty hunters from the great scene in The Empire Strikes Back, where Darth Vader (not pictured) offers the bounty for Han Solo. I think every boy born around that time remembers that scene and how bad ass it was to see. We never even really knew what these guys did or how they fit into the Star Wars universe at the time but just by looking at this line up you know they mean business.

I finally found an acceptable version on Dengar, so now this set is complete. I love Star Wars but have to be real picky when it comes to the toys, there are way too many and a lot of them can suck with limited articulation and detail. All of the guys above are the ultimate figures to date and have tons of articulation, super detail,"soft goods" cloth, and are well scaled.

Looking for trouble!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Botcon 2010

Today I went to Botcon in Orlando and had a good time, saw a lot of cool toys. Didn't have much of a budget for toys but there really was not much there that was a must have for me anyway. It was awesome seeing all the G1 toys, and just the mass of toys in general. Both sellers and fellow attendees were all cool and I had a lot of fun, but I have to admit it was not as super awesome as I hyped myself it would be, can't put my finger on it. Still it was fun and worth the drive from Tampa to Orlando.

Transformers hall of fame inductee, THE Peter Cullen

A close up of the hall of fame statue

The must have figure for most of us, Masterpiece Grimlock

Leader Starscream looks very good

The 3rd party Munitioner figure looks bad ass, but just costs too much

Oh yea, Starscream stopped by too

Friday, May 7, 2010

Well look what I've stumbled across!

Yes, I am back! I have dusted off the toy blog and want to start adding photos and what not. While I have been toy shooting over the past several months I was not happy with the photos from my old camera ( I have a new one now ) so I have not been posting up. I still have some bugs to work out with my set up and really learning the new camera, but I will try to find time. I have really just been too busy towards the end of last year and most of this year.

I do have some photos from my first shoot with the new Sony camera, Behold the awesomeness that is Human Alliance Bumble Bee and Skids!