Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Classics 2.0 Hound

Autobot Hound

This is one of my latest Transformers, from the fantastic new classics 2.0 line. This was just from a quick shoot when I opened him up, but I'm just so blown away by these toys. The articulation is just sick on these guys, for a 10$ toy these are awesome. I also have the newest classics Starscream and I'm equally impressed with him.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Starriors part I

Starriors were similar to Zoids and made by the same company Tomy. Most were humanoid like and each had a gimmick like moving windup guns or saws. There were also smaller wheeled ones with pull back motors. To me these toys were cooler than most gave them credit for. I played with these bots quite a bit, but took real good care of them. Below are 2 of my favorite Starriors, I have several more to post up at a later date.



Thursday, January 1, 2009

Autobot Ratchet

Vintage G1 Ratchet

Ratchet has a face only a mother could love. Most will agree over all he is one of the worst G1 transformers, but I remember having fun playing with him. The robot/battle cart combo was a good idea, and gave the toy alot of play value. Ratchet came from the Diaclone toy line and was designed as a piloted robot, which is why he has a seat instead of a head. Only the Transformers version had a face sticker added to the back of the seat.

I still really like the gun/repair station section. The way it folds out into a mini playset reminds me of Optimus Primes trailer, and there is alot of nice details put into it.

Ratchet's vehicle mode is a one box van, this mold is also used for Ironhide as a red van.

Autobot Tracks

Vintage G1 Tracks

Tracks was released in the 2nd series of Transformers in 1985, and is a very detailed toy for that time. His build is mostly plastic unlike in the first series but all the accessories and articulation more than make up for it. Tracks arms and shoulders allow for a lot movement,
the waist rotates and the feet also move. Tracks was originally released in Japan under the Diaclone line as a red Corvette.

In addition to the great detail and build quality you get an awesome double missile launcher that can be used in car mode also. Finally Tracks transforms into a flying car as seen in my last pic below, the gun fits underneath in this mode. I have'nt any fond memories of this toy but he's very cool, and one of the best G1 Autobot cars overall.

The C3 Corvette Stingray mode is well.. fantastic and super detailed!

A cool extra feature of Tracks is a flying car mode, by pulling out the wings and arms.