Thursday, January 1, 2009

Autobot Tracks

Vintage G1 Tracks

Tracks was released in the 2nd series of Transformers in 1985, and is a very detailed toy for that time. His build is mostly plastic unlike in the first series but all the accessories and articulation more than make up for it. Tracks arms and shoulders allow for a lot movement,
the waist rotates and the feet also move. Tracks was originally released in Japan under the Diaclone line as a red Corvette.

In addition to the great detail and build quality you get an awesome double missile launcher that can be used in car mode also. Finally Tracks transforms into a flying car as seen in my last pic below, the gun fits underneath in this mode. I have'nt any fond memories of this toy but he's very cool, and one of the best G1 Autobot cars overall.

The C3 Corvette Stingray mode is well.. fantastic and super detailed!

A cool extra feature of Tracks is a flying car mode, by pulling out the wings and arms.

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