Thursday, January 1, 2009

Autobot Ratchet

Vintage G1 Ratchet

Ratchet has a face only a mother could love. Most will agree over all he is one of the worst G1 transformers, but I remember having fun playing with him. The robot/battle cart combo was a good idea, and gave the toy alot of play value. Ratchet came from the Diaclone toy line and was designed as a piloted robot, which is why he has a seat instead of a head. Only the Transformers version had a face sticker added to the back of the seat.

I still really like the gun/repair station section. The way it folds out into a mini playset reminds me of Optimus Primes trailer, and there is alot of nice details put into it.

Ratchet's vehicle mode is a one box van, this mold is also used for Ironhide as a red van.

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