Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Classics 2.0 Hound

Autobot Hound

This is one of my latest Transformers, from the fantastic new classics 2.0 line. This was just from a quick shoot when I opened him up, but I'm just so blown away by these toys. The articulation is just sick on these guys, for a 10$ toy these are awesome. I also have the newest classics Starscream and I'm equally impressed with him.


Dave in the basement said...

I like him, but it is tough for my six year old son to place the hologram projector on the seat back in the Jeep mode.

As a bonus, Ravage is super wiggly.

Jamspeed said...

Yes the hologram gun also doesn't seem to fit well on the shoulder or even in his hand. Luckily my Ravage is tight.