Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Autobot Sideswipe

Vintage G1 Sideswipe

Well here is a great Transformer, one of the best of the original Diaclone molds. The car mode on this one is fantastic, non Transformer fans would never think it was anything more than a detailed model car. Robot mode has well defined legs, feet and arms which have articulation. The head sculpt is cool, I have always loved the human featured Autobot faces and Sideswipe's is one of the best.

This toy has a good weighty feel, the rear of the car ( which forms the legs ) is all diecast. The color is a nice red, and the color of the plastic is a good match to the painted rear. Only the feet and forearms are chrome, but the overall color scheme of red, white & black is great for a bot.

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