Tuesday, June 10, 2008

80's Robotech and other coolness

Vintage Robotech M.A.C. II Monster "Destroid"

This is part diecast and sold under the matchbox line in the USA
(originally made by Tankatoku Toys in 1983, click the link for the original). http://www.collectiondx.com/node/1276. This is one of my favorites with all the cool weaponry and good bit of detail, what's not to love about a huge walking cannon!

Vintage Robotech Destroids left to right they are the Defender, Tomahawk and Phalanx ( Matchbox versions )

These are similar to the big guy above in construction. I love these little guys, Good details and stickers that hold up well. The Tomahawk is one of my all time favorite mech designs, the perfect combination of weapons and mobility on the ground.

This last Mech is a "Dual Model" Dougram from
the tv anime "Fang of the Sun Dougram"

It is 1:48 scale and has a zinc-diecast endoskeleton with plastic armor and weapons that snap on. There is also a kind of shock absorber built into each lower leg. This looks like new ( as he was never played with ) and I still have the decal/sticker sheet and instructions too!

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UNIT-1978 said...

back in business sir!!!! very impressive. I love that "monster"