Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Takara calculator watch/robot

Takara Calculator Robot

Here is a real treasure from my childhood, I can remember having to go somewhere boring with my parents and always having this little guy on my arm to play with . Yea, I used to rock this watch, it was the 80's after all! There is a simple transform with just flipping the legs and then arms back, and then it simply clips into the watchband base.

He was a lot of fun to play with and has good articulation for a toy made in the early 80's, He has held up well over the years. Even the chrome like paint still looks good. I'm sure my parents got it for it's math ability (I have always sucked at math) but for me this was a great toy. Unfortunately he has become my first toy blog casualty, After the shoot while transforming him
back to watch mode a leg snapped off :( !!!!! I think I can glue the leg on but for now Takara Calculator Robot rests safley bagged and stored within the multitude of other bots in my trunk.


UNIT-1978 said...

Fantastic sir!!! I had this little guy also.

Rich said...

I still have mine and I enjoyed playing with it too.

Anonymous said...

where can I get one of these? is yours for sale?