Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Autobot Sunstreaker

Vintage G1 Sunstreaker

This Transformer was my 2nd, and the first of the larger die cast ones. Probably mostly because of this I have fond memories of this toy and also like Sunstreaker as a character. He has a cool car mode as a hooked up yellow Lamborgini, and although his bot mode has little articulation he has a great head sculpt and fun transformation. Because he is one of my oldest TFs he is a bit more worn than most of my vintage but has held up well.

Sunstreaker didn't come with a gun, instead he has missiles that replace his hands. Only the feet are diecast on this toy, but there are a lot of chrome details including the rims. A little history about Sunstreaker, The Toy was designed by Koujin Ohno (Takara Toys) and is credited as the first "Car to Robot Transforming Toy" ever made. It appeared first in Takara's Car Robot Series in 1982 before being used in the initial wave of Hasbro Transformers in 1984.

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