Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Revisiting Daghoba

Vintage Daghoba play set, Kenner 1980 with modern Yoda figure

So Here we have my one and only vintage Star Wars piece, Yoda's Daghoba play set. I remember being excited to find this still at my mom's house a while back and rushing to Ebay to see how much this little gem was worth. I also remember my disappointment in discovering you could get a very nice one for under 20$ shipped, at the time I last looked 12+ years ago.

I do like this play set quite a lot, and the thing is almost indestructible. Only the foam was damaged so I replaced it with a peice from some electronic packaging that I cut out. Other than that this thing looks almost new, there are a few scuffs and some melted marks from an old rubber snake toy that was kept in the same box and had some kind of chemical reaction. I guess those things only add to the messy swamp look of the toy.

All the parts are here, as Yoda demonstrates with his "Force " levitation powers.

R2 D2, the dirty Daghoba swamp version, seems to be getting into trouble by the look thrown from Yoda.

One of the things I remember when playing with this as a boy was all the detail put into the toy mold. I probably spent hours looking for lizards, Dragonfly and bugs crawling around on the base. There are many great details in the hut also, bowls on Yoda's table, a coiled snake is chilling in there, just a fun toy to have both then and now.


Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Thx for visiting my blog! I see your toy blog is mainly dedicated to Transformers. I got some nice G1 toys there.

Jamspeed said...

Thanks, I check your blog from time to time. A lot of cool stuff on there!