Monday, January 24, 2011

Happy New Year... Oh yea that was 24 days ago

Hello fellow toy collectors. I have to make a sad admission, well it's obvious that I suck when I comes to updating and posting here on my blog. It is really tough to find the time to shoot, photo edit/do production, then post up with some heart felt "toy memories" to share. That said I'm not going to give up on creating my own little online toy universe, but I will be posting more onto my Flickr page (see link below and to the right).

I will still be posting here and I have some ideas in my head, but look mainly for my older 80's toys on here where I can comment on them and new stuff will just be visually cataloged on Flickr.

Don't look now but here come some photos!

Vintage G1 Wheeljack, incomplete as purchase from Ebay

Several months ago I purchased a cheap lot of G1 Transformers and this one was included. After selling the other 2 I ended up keeping Wheeljack since I don't have one and always loved his car mode. My younger brother had Wheeljack so I am familiar with him, and his awkward robot mode but I still really like this toy. It's condition is good, but he lacks a lot of stickers and the 2 spoiler parts for the rear, but this still displays very well.

Wheeljack's alt mode is a Lancia Stratos Turbo race car,
from the Diaclone toy line to the US in 1984

I really like the head sculpt on this guy, it's very different than the usual Autobot face. Not much to say about the robot mode or transformation, but he is fun to mess around with. Did I mention he has a great car mode?

Ahh G1, it still kicks ass ;)


unit-1978 said...

wow...ugly as hell, but awesome at the same time.

Jamspeed said...

Thanks, yea this guy is all about the car mode. I like cars as well as Transformers so that explains his purchase.