Saturday, June 20, 2009

Decepticon Venom

Vintage G1 Deluxe Insectacon Venom

Venom is my 2nd deluxe Insectacon, and for me the better of the two. His Robot mode is very good with articulation that puts many modern Transformers to shame. His whole chest is diecast, with the rest of the parts being plastic. The transparent wings still look great after all these years, only showing a slight amount of fogging. Another cool thing about the wings is the amount of movement/rotation they have.

The above pose shows off some of this nice G1's articulation, especially noted in the lower half.

Venom, like Ransack posted just before, is originally from Takatoku Toys Armored Insect Battalion Beetras toyline. His original release in Japan was 1984 - Hasbro release was a year later.

The bug mode here is the Cicada, which are the cool armored looking bugs that make unique chirping sounds that are very loud for an insect. As a kid I would find their shed exoskeletons and examine them, boys love to play with bugs! Robot bugs are right up there in awesomeness with robot dinosaurs, this Transformer is a perfect example.

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