Sunday, June 21, 2009

Decepticons Laserbeak and Frenzy

Vintage G1 Laserbeak and Frenzy

Tape modes, these toys still impress me with the design and transformation. Also with the small size of these guys they were easily snuck into your pocket so you could have some Transformer fun anywhere you went.

Both robot modes have good articulation, especially Frenzy. The Frenzy (and other tape bot Rumble) are to me some of the best Transformer designs - to go from a thin square "tape" to these robots was and still is impressive to me. When you add in the nice chrome accessories and other details it's no wonder the cassette tape style transformers are huge fan favorites.

Frenzy sports nice gold chrome accents on his chest and waist, also cool silver foil stickers are seen detailing one side of the tape mode.

Just a simple shot of Frenzy showing off some of his mad G1 articulation skills!

Originally from the Microchange line "Micro Cassette Robo Condor", Laserbeak transforms into a cassette that can fit into the tape door of Soundwave (or Blaster). He was released in a two-pack with Frenzy. Frenzy's "Cassettron" mould was first released in Japan in 1984, but they were sold separately and each one came with a clear plastic tape case/holder.


unit-1978 said... that laser beak looks so sick. He was always my favorite tape along with Ravage.

Scorpio said...

Laserbeak looks nice although i am suprise they had so much detail and stickers when it was released.

Anonymous said...
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Jamspeed said...

Quote "Sorry for this. Please remove the last post :)

Laserbeak looks nice although i am suprise they had so much detail and stickers when it was released."

It's cool, I was looking here and saw 3 posts I was like no way 3 people looked here and actually posted LOL! Thanks for the comments and keep checking back.