Sunday, February 1, 2015

Returning home after the trip - 1 year later

I'm just going to recap how this year was for me after bringing a large part of mt childhood back from Texas. I have spent countless hours cleaning and organizing my rediscovered toys, also countless hours discussing with my wife how much these toys mean to me and why it was good I brought some home ( I will easily be able to pay off the trip and then some with toys I don't want by selling on Ebay.) It took 5 large boxes shipped from FedEx past 1:00 in the morning on last Superbowl Sunday, I had to drive an hour back to my hotel and continue packing after picking up a duffle bag big enough to transport a Cobra Nightraven in the upper compartment of the plane. I had a lot of organizing and packing to do in the hotel ...        

Still sorting through the mess at this point

 My C-3PO case, filled with my figures

All of the smaller figures and robots came with me on the plane, as well as the more rare figures that were loose. I had to throw away some older clothes to make room, my dress shoes got destroyed in the garage anyway. There were many things I still could not take that made it out of the garage, as well as items I had to leave the box for like the Cobra Nightraven.

I loved this game as a kid, it was too big to bring back, but I kept the metal figures

The poor toy souls I had to leave behind in the hotel room, if I could do it all over again the green dino at the bottom would have come home with me - Bionotops is actually real rare. I hope they all got good homes, maybe the maid took them home... if they didn't freak her out!

I was so exhausted by the end of it all but the joy of getting so much stuff back gave me the energy
to make it.
After several days waiting I came home  from work to my toys on the doorstep. There would have been more had FedEx not run out of big boxes and me running out of energy needing to catch a flight the next day.

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