Monday, January 7, 2013

2013's look back at 2012

Hello and belated happy new year!

2012 was an interesting year toy collector wise for me, basically I really wasn't buying much. This is mostly due to the lack of Transformers product, also my lack of interest in said product available. My notable purchases this year are the TRU Hasbro Masterpiece Optimus Prime and the new Star Wars Lego Jabba the Hutt set, I also finally got around to getting that W.H.A.M. 1/24 Scale Tachikoma I've been wanting for a few years.

I guess that has been whats different about this year, less toys but spending a little more on the ones I do get.
Probably due to the lack of TF toys, I have found myself buying into other lines I would normally not. At one point I was getting into the new Thunercats toys ( All of the ones I got were on clearance ) then I started picking up the new T.M.N.T. 3/4 figures ( Just the 4 turtles ). I recently picked up the Neca Robocop with leg gun holster, he is a great figure for 16$. As far a regular Transformers the only ones I got that's worth talking about is the Prime regular Vehicon and just recently 1st Edition (second release) voyager Optimus Prime - both of these guys are great! Can't think of too much else aside from a Lego purchase here and there. For Christmas I got the Lord of the Ring set with 4 Uruk-hai warriors, great looking figures!

I keep thinking to myself 2012 was the year of Star Wars, with all the great new Lego sets relating to the original trilogy and the Star Wars Celebration in Orlando that I was able to attend. I only bought 1 droid figure at retail this year, I picked up 2 older Droids I have been looking years for at Celebration. It seems its not the toys that were the best part of the year, but the nostalgia of them, or even just looking at pics online.

I'm still enjoying the toy hobby, now at almost 40 years old. Here's looking forward to a new Toy year!

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