Sunday, July 19, 2009

Gundam Xamel

YMS-16M Xamel

Taking a break from Transformers, we have today a Gundam from "Gundam 0083 - Stardust Memory" Bandi 2003. This toy is a US release and was bought on clearance, these toys didn't sell to well here but I picked up all I could. These Gundams are composed of a nice almost rubbery plastic and have great paint and details. Articulation is high with these figures, they are like pre assembled models which is great for me as I'm too busy/lazy for model building. I love these Gundams, I think I have about 10 total.

From - "This unusual mobile suit is a prototype left over from the One Year War, and employed by renegade Zeons during their attack on the Federation's Torrington base. The Xamel is essentially a mobile gun platform, able to hover at high speeds thanks to the jet engines housed in its legs and skirt armor. Its tandem cockpit houses two people - a pilot to operate the mobile suit itself, and a gunner to fire its massive long-range cannon. While the Xamel is virtually helpless in close combat, it proves supremely effective at long-range bombardment."

Baby got back! The rear hover cannon part clips off and gives more mobility, but as far as the Gundam show I don't think they ever showed it that way.




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is there a way you can send me one.i dont have any money,but i'v been trying to get one since i set my eyes on it.

my name is riadenaster

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oh ya just e-mail me at