Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Reshoot: Dougram

"Dual Model Series" Dougram

The early photos I took of this mech definitely did not do it justice. This is a great 80's toy identical to it's japan release. I also have the unapplied decal sheet (yep just like for models) and instruction booklets, unfortunately the box is long gone. This figure is mostly zinc-diecast, the removable armor and accessories are a high quality and detailed plastic. Paint apps are sparse because nice in color plastic is used throughout the figure - if I applied the decals there would be many more details added.

The backpack can be detached, and has an awesome cannon which can be rotated down to a forward "firing" position.

There is a forearm gun piece that clips in to replace the plain dark blue part - seen above on the right arm.

A great feature of this toy, aside from the removable armor and weapons, is the mini hydraulics built into the lower legs. It's just a great detail to add, which you would never see if you just left the armor on. That's what I love about Japanese toys, detail, detail, detail!


edmundbay said...

brings back sweet memories of my childhood. my first mecha.

The Inner Geek said...

I have one of these! It's shoulder gun is broken and it's missing one of the pieces that holds the hip armor on. I think there used to be a tiny pilot in the head too, he's not there anymore. It's still one of my favorite childhood toys though and I'm almost 40!

Jamspeed said...

Thanks for the comments, you gotta love 80's robot toys!